HIT Groups as Welcome Mats

As an experiment, I posted a "My 2 Cents" HIT group on Mechanical Turk to announce this blog to Mturk workers. In the space of a few minutes, I've already gotten some very interesting feedback - including some comments that suggest the "Read More" links on every post aren't visible enough. So it's doing double-duty as a promotional tool and a focus group.


turker said...

Thanks for the welcome!
You hit on an interesting topic, where will Amazon choose to draw the line when it comes to offsite interaction.
They already have that asking us to join another site is against the TOS, although in some ways I can see that being a perfect example of how to use the turk-crew, be it testing a new site, or "terraforming" a new message board.

Also I was thinking about how we get a lot of price-check hits for example on RQ, shouldn't they a really want that Amazon links were provided?

zozik said...

Greetings! That you write - very interestingly and actually for today. My address for certain to appear, write to me. I shall necessarily read through all your messages!